By Patrick Heron

‘It is the darkest night, you are traveling along in a fast train full of people. Everyone is laughing and drinking and having a good time. A stranger stands up and calls for attention. When the crowd is silent, he tells them that he has evidence there is danger ahead. Not too far down the line the train will go
across a wide ravine. Hundreds of feet below, the river rages in full torrent. Some of the track is missing and the train is doomed to plunge into the flood below with fatal consequences. Before the train reaches the river, it will make one final stop at a station where those who want to can get off — then it will speed on to
its final doom…’

This book contains the evidence. The choice is yours. In Apocalypse Soon: The Beginning of the End, the author examines the prophecies of Jesus Christ concerning the last years of planet earth as we know it. You can know history before it happens in this easy to read account of God’s warning to mankind. If you want to know what the future holds — read this book.

172 Pages. Paperback

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