The Question of the Century for all parents! Full Color High Resolution Widescreen
DVD presentation answers the most frequently asked questions about vaccine safety.

• The Autism/Vaccine Connection
• Sudden Infant Death and Vaccines
• Your Rights as a Parent
• When did we begin to use vaccines?
• How are vaccines made – ingredients
• What are the known risks with Vaccines?
• What is a Severe Reaction

The DVD features toxicologist M.D., Phillip DeMio, who vaccinated his own son and watched in horror as he slipped into severe autism. He tells his story and shares how he has dedicated his life to helping vaccine injured children in Ohio. Dr. DeMio, like many medical doctors, was not aware of the problems with vaccines until vaccines injured his own child. His story is shocking!

This is the most important health care decision you will ever make for your children. This DVD is perfect for the board room, public events or can also be shared with your doctor before you make your vaccine decision.

Mary Tocco creatively provides the flip side of the coin, facts most doctors are not aware of. It is a powerful easy to understand message filled with facts (Congressional records and medical research) presented by Mary Tocco so you can make an informed decision. What can you do if you see signs of injury from the vaccine? Mary Tocco answers that question and many, many more. A great gift idea
for new parents, show that you care, buy now

2 DVD Set – 120 Minutes