Disc 1: The UN Agenda for America’s Children The UN has declared 2005-2015, The Decade of Education For Sustainable Development (ESD). President Bush has brought America back as “full partners” with UNESCO- the lead agency in ESD! Is it a coincidence that No Child Left Behind must be implemented by 2015?
Disc 1 explains the answer and reveals the globalist education curriculum
agenda in America.

Disc 2: Restructuring For a State-Planned Economy Find out how School-to-Work and State Economic Development Plan relate to the UN agenda to transform America away from it’s founding principles and systematically prepare our children to accept their new roles as “human resources” under a government-planned and managed global economy.

See For Yourself:
• Original Source UN Publications and Evidence
• Actual Curriculum Examples Exposing the Propaganda
• Rare Video Clips–From the “horse’s mouth”

DVD 115 minutes