DVD by Doc Marquis
The World knows it happened: on April 15, 2013 multiple explosions at the ‘Boston Marathon Race’ killed and injured hundreds but, was this just another “jihad by some radical Islamic group” or, is there more to what happened at Boston, MA than our own government wants us to know? Cound this have been a “False Flag Operation” under the auspices of the Illuminati and, if so, for what purpose?

National/International lecturer, producer, television/radio personality, and author Doc Marquis puts the Boston Marathon Race Bombings to the litmus test. Some of what Doc wll challenge and contest are:

“Why were runners at the race being told that there would be a “Bomb Exercise” going on before the race even began”?

“Had the ‘Illuminati Playing Cards’ given forewarning to this event as they had with 9/11, the BP Oil Spill, and so many other events”?

“Did the Illuminati have a hand in the Bonston Marathon Bombings and, if so, what evidence can be linked to them”?

“How can anyone with injuries that would kill any person within 2 minutes, show no ‘medical signs of trauma’ and survive”?

“Police personal who lived and worked around Sandy Hook mysteriously show up in Boston. Why?

They have no jurisdiction there…or do they”?

“How can anyone who died at Sandy Hook suddenly appear to be alive in Boston?”

“The Same people who had been interviewed at the Sandy Hook killings by CNN mysteriously show up in Boston and are being interviewed by CNN once again, and these same people are, once again being interviewed in Watertown, MA by CNN. What is going on with this? What is CNN up to”?

“What was the secretive, private, civilian military group known as ‘The Craft’, with their ‘Skull cap Logo’, doing at the Boston Marathon Bombings”?

These and so many other questions will be answered as Doc Marquis, once again, teams up with his Director Cory Black to unveil the “False Flag Over Boston”.