Why are we seeing so many Mass Shootings in our schools, churches and public places? Our “experts” — criminologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and clergy — seem to have no answers, yet the “gun control lobby” has only one answer: disarm the citizenry.

But is that wise? Scholars tell us that Governments have killed over 262 million of their own citizens in the past century alone? Given this, is the reason we “keep and bear arms” really for target practice and duck hunting?

Scientific American says 1 in 6 Americans are on psych drugs: the very drugs the Mainstream Media profits from every day. Is there a connection between Big Pharma’s product and Mass Shootings or are GUNS the problem?

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS — a Matrix Production in association with OATH KEEPERS — completes a Second Amendment Trilogy which includes MIDNIGHT RIDE and MOLON LABE.
Length: 130 mins