by Rabbi Nachum Shifren

Public Enemy #1 Our Schools ! Abusive racial epithets, physical assaults, death threats, his classroom burned to the ground. Rabbi Nachum Shifren, former LA City school teacher tells a brutally honest tale of racism and corruption in our public schools.

Rabbi Shifren is a 2010 candidate for the California State Senate.

“We now live in a world of Columbine-style school violence, on-campus gang violence, racial, and sexual violence, and student-on-teacher violence that has made our schools (especially inner city schools) more like correctional institutions focused on physical misbehavior control than institutions dedicated to learning.
‘Kill Your Teacher’ is not a how-to manual for abusing classroom instructors. It is a warning to us all that inept and corrupt school administration policies are exacerbating the risks to the safety and learning environment of teachers and their students. Rabbi Shifren writes with the special expertise and first-hand knowledge gained from having been a Los Angeles public school teacher teaching Spanish since 1991.
Exposing what he was witnessed with over virulent Black/Hispanic and Black/Anglo racism in the student bodies of these schools, ‘Kill Your Teacher’ is sobering reading and will prove a substantial contribution to the national dialogue currently underway concerning issues of safety, race relations, and moral clarity withing the context of our public school systems and administrative policies.”
~Mr. James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

“Rabbi Nachum Shifren exposes the bureaucratic stagnation that plagues the Los Angeles Unified School District. He documents instances of racism towards him, threats of violence, and the extreme application of PC politics. What is sad is that we have lost a talented teacher that truly cares about his students and actually brought standards and discipline to inner city schools”.

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Paperback: 90 pages
Publisher: Heaven Ink Pub
Size: 8.3×5.3