By Neil and Briar Whitehead
OUT OF PRINT, SUPPLY IS LIMITED The authors explore the question of whether our sexual orientation is
inherited or if it is a product of our upbringing and/or environment.
Many people think gays are born that way, and few understand enough
about genetics and human biology to mount a thorough defense of the facts.

My Genes Made Me Do It explains the role of genetics and biology in
human behavior with a particular, though not exclusive, emphasis on
homosexuality. Conventional scientific method and research findings are
brought together in a fresh, original way to argue that no human
behaviors are biologically determined.

This clearly written, simple-to-understand little paperback book should
be stocked in all public libraries. Dr. Neil Whitehead, a research
scientist and biochemist, with his wife Briar, a writer, methodically
examine the evidence for the “born that way” theory and explain why none
of the biologically based theories can be substantiated as causative,
rather than simply predisposing.

The authors address the following issues: Are Heterosexuals Born that
Way? To What Extent Do Our Instincts Control Us? How Does Sexual
Identity Develop? What is the Cross-Cultural Evidence? Does Prenatal
Hormone Exposure Cause Homosexuality? How Does Sexual Identity Form in
People with Genitalia of Both Sexes? Is Homosexuality Changeable?