by Shane Ellison M.S.

Is Big Pharma making Americans sick – and costing us billions of dollars unnecessarily? Can we find a cocktail of nutritional supplements on the cheap that can protect us from cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease?

According to Shane Ellison, M.S., an award-winning scientist with a Master’s Degree in organic chemistry, the answer to both questions is an unequivocal “yes.” In his new, eye-opening book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures: 10 Lifesaving Supplements for Less Than $10, the former Big Pharma chemist exposes how the drug industry fails America’s health while costing us huge sums of money and reveals how 10 supplements – that can easily be found on the shelves of mass retailers like Walmart – do a far better job of restoring and maintaining wellness.

“Slowly but surely, I came to realize prescriptions have become more deadly than the so-called diseases they are trying to fight,” says Ellison. “As a young chemist working within the pharmaceutical industry, toiling over the design and synthesis of new medications, I was burdened with this paradox and chose to ignore it. I wanted to believe that prescription drugs could serve as the healing compounds they were promoted as, and that my work and that of others was an asset to the health of millions. But as time passed, it became irrefutable. Outside of emergency medicine, the mass use of prescription drugs as vitamins was undermining health and longevity and big bucks were helping the paradox flourish. Trained as a chemist to identify health problems and solve them at the molecular level, I set out to find a solution to the myriad of health and financial problems caused by this corrupt logic.”

Over-The-Counter Natural Cures reveals:

  • How to replace prescription drugs with supplements.
  • Why symptom-masking drugs from Western medicine are powerless against serious health issues such as obesity, lethargy, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
  • How to easily and inexpensively avoid being nutrient-deficient.
  • Why 90% of Americans are nutrient-deficient and how we spend $6 billion a year in search of the ‘right supplement’ while making decisions based on false advertising claims.
  • Ways to combine nutritional supplements with healthy diet and lifestyle habits.
  • How to avoid dangerous drugs/supplement interactions.
  • When to administer the proper supplement dose for maximum efficacy and insure safety.

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 240 pages