Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and
Individuals describes in detail the process being used at every level of
government to reorganize our society under the excuse of environmental
protection. Author Tom DeWeese pulls back the curtain to reveal the
policies and the powers behind them that are systematically changing our
culture and system of government to impose a political agenda of
top-down control at every level. He provides invaluable insight as to
how elected officials are pressured by an army of private organizations,
planners and federal agencies, armed with federal grants to impose
specific regulations in the name of Sustainable Development. Sustainable
serves as a hand book for property rights activists to organize
opposition. It provides vital information to a news media that is
basically clueless to these policies, and it provides a blue print for
fighting back as it offers hope to those who are its victims.

Soft Cover
195 pages