While aspartame was the single focus in “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World,” Sweet Remedy demonstrates that a corrupt flagship regulatory agency has given birth to numerous toxins in our food supply. This is no accident. A close examination of the global corporate power stucture demonstates that neurotoxic foods resulting in a dumber populace is simply a matter of policy.

In the United States and through each nation within its global corporate grasp, maintaining a healthy mind and body is an act of civil disobedience. Ultimately, healing has become the path of resistance for informed individuals. We interview a host of MD’s and Natural Health practitioners to gain the clearest possible perspective for a path to recovery.

Perhaps the sweetest remedy this film offers is the hope provided by witnessing a variety of people withstand the confusion, casualties and obstacles involved with taking control of their food and their health.

• What happened after aspartame was approved?
• What happens when people in the public spotlight start getting sick?
• A thorough history and examination of MSG.
• A more definitive link between aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis.
• What happened with Stevia?
• How could it be that so many diseases are linked to excitotoxicity?
• Why do so-called experts get away with lying to us in the media?
• Exactly how dangerous are these foods to children?
• An unsettling link between aspartame and genetically modified foods.
• How Monsanto and its star aspartame executive hit a brick wall.

DVD. Run time: 90 min.