The Coming Battle tells the true story of how the banking money power gained control of America.

First published in 1899. TCB is the chronological history of the usurping of every American’s sovereign rights by the unseen money powers and their agents.

READ – how recessions depressions and panics are created at will and how the stock markets are manipulated for power and gain.

READ – how the large corporations, with the banking money power, imported cheap foreign labor, resulting in countless labor riots.

READ – how the European Socialists came to America with the backing of the money power took control of the influential colleges, universities and Seminary schools.

READ – how the money power created food shortages, resulting in starvation and suffering in a nation of plenty and how small family farms are set up for foreclosures.

READ – how silver was demonetized by the money power, resulting in a five-year depression, that devastated the people and the western regions of the United States.

READ – President Andrew Jackson’s complete Farewell Address and his warning for America.

READ – That President Andrew Jackson refused to renew the Banking Charter, then, angry Bankers recalled all their loans therefore bankrupting thousands of businesses. 

READ – how the Bankers created two class of citizens, Creditor class and the Debtor class, poor and the rich.

READ – how the banking money power fleeced the treasury of our gold and silver then replaced it with their worthless paper money.

READ – how the legislation was signed and passed into law pledging every America citizen as collateral for the repayment of all government debts in gold and silver.

By reading this book you will better understand the events taking place today. Nothing new under the sun. History is repeating itself. Different players, the same game. World domination.

Told in breathtaking detail with proof-positive evidence taken from Congressional records, newspaper reports, writings of the day, and statements by our founding fathers. You will not read about this in any history book.

A Chilling and all-too-true saga of power run amok. Must reading for all Americans who want to know where our country went wrong an how we were set up.

364 pages


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