By Servando Gonzalez
In this second 1-hour program of the TruthLies series, Servando shows how the Council on Foreign Relations conspirators created the OSS and later the CIA to advance and protect their own interests. He also shares facts revealing that the CFR is actually an intelligence agency, and the CIA its secret armed branch in charge of covert operations of sabotage, assassination, subversion, terrorism and psychological warfare.

He also shares his insight after years of research and data he’s collected that describes how the CFR conspirators used the newly created CIA to recruit Fidel Castro in early 1948, and sent him to Bogotá, Colombia, as an agent provocateur to participate in the assassination of Colombian leader Jorge Gaitán and start the Bogotazo riots that destroyed most of the city. US Secretary of State George Marshall and other secret CFR agents in Bogotá at the time blamed the communists for the riots. The Bogotazo PsyOp marked the beginning of the Cold War in the Western Hemisphere — a very profitable period for Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and the military-industrial complex.

Servando also explains how the CIA worked behind the curtains to install Castro in power in Cuba in 1959 and betrayed the invaders at the Bay of Pigs to consolidate him in power. Also, how Castro heated up the Cold War by promoting guerrilla activity and terrorism all around the world. Guerrillas in Latin America resulted in the flight of capital to Wall Street banks.

Servando shows how Castro’s invasion of Angola in 1975 put that country in the hands of American banks and transnational corporations. He also reveals Castro’s possible role in the shoot down of the Cuban airliner, the killing of Chile’s president Salvador Allende, and well as the role of the CFR conspirators in the fateful 9/11 events.