by Beverly K Eakman

B. K. Eakman’s latest exposé of our educational system. This is a wake-up call for parents and educators alike. With over 40 articles covering Education, Family, Behavioral Science, Mental Health, Privacy, Political Correctness and Manipulation of Public Opinion the reader will come to see how educators and provocateurs are driving a wedge between parents and their children.

Walking Targets points to an agenda that begins with government-controlled childrearing and force-feeds young people a pseudo-education under the cover of “mental health,” “safety,” “jobs,” and something called “lifelong learning.” She shows how, under the cover of educational and mental-health testing, computer technologies popularly believed to be restricted to use in defense of our country, have been redirected for use in tracking the opinions of schoolchildren from the earliest years. She shows how psychographic techniques, once confined to market research, have been retooled for data-mining purposes.

“The hook to keep kids in school is lax dress codes, sports and entertainment even as the dropout rate continues to soar,” answered Ms. Eakman in explaining the book.

She went on to say, “I take issue with teaching methodologies whose primary purpose is to target the emotions rather than challenge the intellect. Teachers do not exist to strip away a parent’s belief system from children in their classrooms, and to then transmit ‘new’ values. Today parents are waking up to see children who are nothing like them – people they don’t know and who don’t even share what few values they have left.”

What the critics are saying: “Walking Targets is a devastating indictment of the pernicious partners
intentionally sabotaging our education system. She correctly observes that one of the most critical casualties has been our diminished communication skills, compromising the nation’s ability to solve all its other problems.”
–Charles M. Richardson, Founder & Chairman of the Literacy Council, NY

“Unlike most of the psychobabble that passes for advice to parents, this book hones in on the real problems with education today. No parent should enter the public school system before arming themselves with Walking Targets first. This book is the best parent guidebook there is on navigating the public school system.”
–Arizona State Senator Karen S. Johnson

“This book is terrific, insightful, provocative … a must-read for anyone who cares about kids and their education. Bev Eakman sees troubles ahead and tells us how ‘mental health’ devotees are taking kids down a fatal path to thought control.”
–Richard L. Cutler, Ph.D., Vice-President, Univ. of Michigan, retired
National Association of Scholars, Michigan

“Beverly Eakman astutely chronicles the psychological abuse taking place in the public-school classroom with impeccable credentials and incontrovertible conclusions. … Walking Targets points to the ominous threat of government-controlled childrearing, the use of pseudo-education under the guise of mental health and lifelong learning as three means of controlling the beliefs of the population.”
E. Ray Moore, Chaplain (Lt. Col.) USAR Ret., Director, Exodus Mandate

“If you want to know who Big Brother is, what he does, and where he lives you need to read Beverly Eakman. She has been exposing behavioral psychology’s covert, attitude- manipulating agenda for more than two decades. Her current book, Walking Targets is no exception. … If ‘Knowledge is Power,’ Walking Targets is empowerment at its finest. If we are to prevent our schools from becoming mental health clinics, it will be people like Beverly Eakman and books like Walking Targets that will point the way.” Bruce Wiseman, US President Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Softcover – 301 pages