By Jon Christian Ryter On April 17, 1913 the balance of power in United States shifted from the states to the central government with the illegal ratification of the 17th. Amendment. With the "voice" of the States effectively stifled, the federal government under FDR began the systematic destruction of the Constitution of the United States in 1933. Today, the last vestiges of freedom remain tethered to the Bill of Rights by a thin, raveled thread. "Whatever Happened to America? is not only a profoundly interesting book to read, it is a well-written, shocking exposé of the globalists' plans to dominate all of the nation-states of the world that will make every American think as they read it. More frightening than any work of science fiction could be, Jon Christian Ryter has put the pieces of the puzzle together in the only manner they fit, and has detailed the chilling motives of those who are attempting to create the New World Order aka Global Governance. Whatever Happen to America? provides us with a stark and, I believe, accurate glimpse of the Utopian timeline for the establishment of a socialist world government. Before World Government can be established, national sovereignty must be surrendered. But first, the 2nd Amendment must be breached and the private ownership of guns in America abolished. As the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, I urge my supporters-and anyone else who is dedicated to protecting the 2nd Amendment and the Bill of Rights to read this book!" -- Larry Pratt 545 pages Hardcover