Out of Print - Supply is Limited by Randall N. Bear For the first ever, a world-renowned, New Age leader tells the inside story of the fast-growing New Age movement. The week this book was published author Randall Bear meet a puzzling and untimely death. Upon completing a lecture tour in New Mexico on the topic of the New Age Movement, his car ran off a mountain pass. Inside The New Age Nightmare reveals Bear’s tale of seduction, from teen-age dabbling in Eastern religion to a meteoric rise in New Age leadership. He details the sequences of uncanny events and bizarre experiences that led him to become an internationally recognized expert in "crystal power" and New Age philosophy. In the midst of a storybook career, Bear had a dramatic and horrifying encounter with the evil forces behind the New Age movement. About the author: Randall bear, a former naturopathic doctor, was an internationally known authority in the area of crystals, sacred sciences and spiritual teachings. Formally a co-director of the Starcrest Academy of International Law and Science in northern New Mexico, he co-authored the best-selling New Age books Windows of Light: Quartz Crystals ans Self-Transformation and The Crystal Connection: A Guidebook for Personal and Planetary Ascension.