By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny FOWL! examines the specter of mandatory vaccination and exposes how pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, and agribusinesses are not separate industries but function more as "sister enterprises," working together for mutual benefit, profit, and power. Dioxins and other environmental chemicals are contributing to the toxic load in chickens, migratory birds,and humans, leading to massive death when combined with "bird flu" and other influenza viruses. However, this is far more than a book about the environment. Dr.Tenpenny is a regular guest on national radio and TV, and at medical conventions. She has published numerous articles for national magazines and medical internet sites, and is the author of books, DVDs and educational products, as well. Unflinching, thoroughly researched, and bound to be controversial, FOWL! will change forever perceptions of environmental policy, the pharmaceutical industry and the government's role in the dissemination of public health information. Through Scientific documentation, FOWL! exposes how Health officials are deliberately inflating bird flu morbidity statistics to frighten the public. The pharmaceutical industry is using the bird flu to revive the vaccine business, and why the vaccine currently under development will not only be extremely toxic, but will almost certainly be the wrong one. Agribusiness has plans for the global elimination of independent farmers, forcing them into economic servitude and replacing their stock with genetically modified chickens. Government agencies are embracing elaborate "risk communication" plans to ensure the cooperation of citizens potentially faced with quarantines and mandatory vaccinations. Vietnam era "Agent Orange" coupled with irresponsible environmental policies has compromised the eco-system in Southeast Asia, China and the rest of the world is linked to the global avian flu outbreaks 300 Pages. Soft Cover