By Debra Rae

In todayÕs spiritual arena, defined by what Christian author Dave Hunt calls a religiously pluralistic international community, believers face a deadly beast. That beast is a meticulously molded, highly seductive, and broadly held world view that effectively undermines Bible truth and, if possible, derails even the most devout among unsuspecting believers.

As the story goes, a young Robert Lewis Stevenson pressed his face against the front window of his family’s home. When darkness set in, the lad remained riveted to the sight of an old lamplighter systematically illuminating the old-fashioned gas lamps flanking the street. The boy cried out to his nanny, Nana, Nana, come quickly!

There’s a man out the punching holes in the darkness! In ABCs of Cultural-Isms, Debra Rae does just that. With thoughtful precision, she skillfully punches holes in contemporary darkness.

A well-researched, alphabetical, single-volume primer, ABCs of Cultural-Isms is a sequel to ABCs of Globalism (Huntington House Publishers, 1999). Information packed contents feature little known facts in up-to-date overviews interwoven with sound Biblical perspective. Each peerless volume belongs in libraries of all concerned Christians who revere Bible truth and who seek to engage the culture for godly purposes.

A master educator, Debra skillfully scrutinizes contemporary cultural “isms” from progressivism to postmodernism, syncretism to New Age mysticism, pseudo-egalitarianism to globalism. In so doing, she defines critical, but often confusing terms to expose pervasive cultural influences that miss the mark of sound theology and thereby give way to confusion, complacency, and even cunning.

308 pages. Paperback