by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D

This book covers major topics of interest today. It begins with a section on “Barack Obama,” including the effects of “Obamacare.” Because a lot that is occurring in society at present has to do with values, the second section deals with “Morality,” including Biblical principles. Since the movement toward the New World Order is largely driven by “Economics,” that is the third section of the book and covers the coercive measures the Power Elite is using, as well as a look at the techno-feudal future.

How well we can compete in the world today depends on our level of “Education,” which is explained in the fourth section of the book and includes an identification of our educational problems and solutions. The Power Elite’s plans include a one-world religion as well as a one-world government; therefore, section five is on “Religion and World Government.” Prominent among the Power Elite are the Rockefellers, so section six is entirely about “The Rockefeller Plan” in this regard. And the Rockefellers have been proponents of “Population Control,” which is section seven and includes the subjects of eugenics and euthanasia.

A topic not really discussed in other books is how a “Secret Nazi Plan” has been part of the Power Elite’s strategy, and this is covered in part 8. A hot topic in the news today is what Iran will do, and section 9 looks at “What Is the Role of Iran” in the movement toward a New World Order. Finally, this book in section ten explains how “Big Brother” will emerge from the New World Order. And there is an extensive index in the book for those interested in conducting their own research on these subjects

Pages: 270
Binding: Paperback