By William Owens

On one level I confess I understand this tendency, yet we as Black Americans must move beyond this. Would you let someone you did not know enter your family circle to date your daughter in order to “give him a chance?” I doubt you would. Therefore, does it make sense to vote for Barack Obama for the same reason? Do you really want to vote someone into the highest office in the land just to “give the brother a chance?”

The purpose of this book is to challenge you as a Black American to look deeper at Barack Obama the man, his voting record, and his position on the important issues facing our country, which, unfortunately, seem to change
with the next newscast.

I believe when you take time to look closely and dispassionately – and if you are truly honest with yourself – you will see a politician who is charismatic but seriously devoid of the kind of experience that qualifies him to be President of the United States. I think you will see a young man who is anything but candid about who he is, what he really  believes, and who his associates are. Under real scrutiny Barack Obama emerges as a continuously morphing, media-made cyborg candidate.

One is left asking “Who or what is behind the Barack Obama phenomenon?” I’m not alone in this assessment. I cannot tell you how many discussions I have had with both prominent and ordinary Black Americans who have expressed serious doubts about Barack Obama and where he will take us as a society and as a nation.

I urge you, don’t put your race before your principles, before the truth, before your family, and before your own country.