By Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre

RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, is a technology that uses computer chips smaller than a grain of sand to track items from a distance. And as this mind-blowing book explains, plans and efforts are being made now by global corporations and the U.S government to turn this advanced technology, these spychips, into a way to track our daily activities and keep us all on Big Brother’s short leash.

Compiling massive amounts of research with firsthand knowledge, Spychips explains RFID technology and reveals the history and future of the master plannersŲµ strategies to imbed these trackers on everything from postage stamps to shoes to people themselves and spy on Americans without our knowledge or consent.

It urgently encourages consumers to take action now to protect their privacy and civil liberties before it’s too late.

288 Pages. Hard Cover