The Bogotazo, the name given to the riots that took place in Colombia’s capital in April 1948 in reaction to the assassination of populist leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, is a historical event which, despite having been widely studied, still remains shrouded in the mists of mystery. Many questions about the Bogotazo have not been answered and some of the answers do not seem to be true. In example, what role did the newly created CIA play in the events? Was Gaitán’s assassin an isolated individual seeking revenge, or a Manchurian candidate created by a vast conspiracy? Was it a mere coincidence that Fidel Castro was in Bogota at the time, or did he play a relevant role as an agent provocateur in the events?

The Bogotazo marked the beginning of the Cold War in the American Continent. According to the author, it was not just an affair of Colombian national politics, but an event of continental scope. Its main objective was to stir up the fear of communism and to affect Latin American and American thinking so that they would accept the beginning of the Cold War. Like so many similar events used as a pretext to terrorize people with the fear of terrorism, El Bogotazo was a typical false flag operation in a psychological warfare operation whose secret objectives were fully achieved.

Using the methodology of the intelligence analyst rather than that of the historian, the author has here unraveled a mystery that had hitherto defied explanation. His compelling and groundbreaking conclusions have dramatic implications for our better understanding of the planned New World Order —the communo-fascist totalitarianism the globalist conspirators and their secret agents are striving to impose on the entire world.

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