By Michael Louis Minns

Michael Louis Minns is known as a defender of the downtrodden, and is lovingly referred to as The Underground Lawyer. Over the past 25 years Minns has built a reputation as a fearless legal advocate and crusader for the underdog, representing hundreds of clients, from all over the United States, who have been wrongly charged by law enforcement officers, accused by the IRS, or other government officials. Minns does not hesitate to take on anyone who has taken advantage, misrepresented or abused the rights of his clients.

The Underground Lawyer chronicles actual cases, courtroom proceedings, and some of the history-changing appellate decisions, that are the result of overturned over-turned, and thus establishing precedent-setting case law. Attorneys and clients across the country have found Minns’ book a helpful tool in preparing for trial or appeal proceedings.

The underlying theme in The Underground Lawyer is that despite power and authority, no one is beyond our system of justice.

625 Pages. Hard cover