Trumped: The New American Revolution

TRUMPED is about a national movement to “make America great again,” a second American Revolution to restore the Constitutional republic via a rebirth of the Republican Party, represented by the political establishment outsider Donald Trump. That movement can be best described as an organic uprising by the conservative base of the Republican Party, fed up with the anti-American counter-revolution against America that consumes Washington D.C. politics.

TRUMPED is a story not about the man at the front of the Revolution. Rather, it is about “the people” responsible for the Revolution. “The People” are turning out in record numbers to take back control of their party and their country from so-called “anti-imperialist” global elites.

TRUMPED is about a counter-revolution to destroy America and the New American Revolution to save the republic.

The following questions are answered in TRUMPED:

* Who is the real enemy within?
* Why are DNC voters flying the Soviet flag?
* What is their real agenda?
* What are their tactics?
* What motivates the enemy?
* Why Trump?
* Why now?
* Your role?
* The true State of our Union?
* Why no American flag at the opening of the DNC convention?
* The complete truth about the 2016 revolt?

165 pages, Paperback