By Servando Gonzalez
Over the years, even the most naive American has had a diffuse suspicion that there must be a secret reason why, most of the time, our government helps our enemies and betrays our friends. Servando Gonzalez provides exhaustive evidence proving that the reason for this is because a group of rich, powerful individuals have conspired to infiltrate the U.S. Government and most of the American life. This group of conspirators, the Invisible Government of the United States, reside at the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan, headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations – an organization which, he demonstrates, operates like a secret society.

In this program, Gonzalez shows how this corrupt organization operates, how it is internally organized, and what their plans are. He also provides ample information showing that, behind almost every act of treason committed against the peoples of the U.S., Latin America, and the world, there has been one or more CFR members.

Gonzalez explains how CFR’s secret agents infiltrated in the U.S. Government manipulated President Truman to create the CIA and the National Security Council.

According to Gonzalez, since its creation in 1947, the CIA has never served the interests of the American people, but of Wall Street bunkers and oil transnational corporations. Gonzalez also shows that the NS( is a key element in understanding how the (FR conspirators, through selective flow of information, have gained almost total control over American presidents, treating them like mushrooms: keeping them in the dark and feeding them manure. He shows abundant evidence of CFR conspirators in the NSC commanding the Commanders-in-Chief, and the reasons why, like in the case of Vietnam, the Iraq war was lost even before it began.

If some of you think that this vision of history is too conspiratorial, Gonzalez replies that conspiring is precisely what intelligence and espionage organizations do, including the Council on Foreign Relations: their main job consist in conspiring, lying, disinforming, obfuscating, and espying, to carry out their secret plans.