by Mary Tocco

This heart-stopping 6 DVD library series will answer your questions, expose toxic vaccine ingredients, prove the vaccine/autism connection and uncover the medical scandal at the root of the chronic illness crisis our children are suffering with. Not only will this information save lives, it will be the best healthcare investment you will make on you and your children’s behalf.

The First Comprehensive Educational DVD Series on Vaccines

Part 1: Vaccine History, Polio and the Decline of Life-threatening Diseases (1hr 11min)
Part 2: Natural Immunity Basics (40min)
Part 3: Man-made Toxic Ingredients in Vaccines and Medical Studies Documenting Injury (1hr 28min)
Part 4: Herd Immunity Deception: Do Vaccines Protect and Can Vaccines Cause Outbreaks (30min)
Part 5: Vaccines and Autism: Has the Study Been Done and Have All The Vaccines Been Examined and Can Vaccines Cause Autism? (35min)
Part 6: Congressional Hearing on Autism, Influenza vaccines, HPV Vaccines and More (56min)

6 DVDs
Includes the free booklet:

“Natural Immune Development – A Deeper Understanding of our Immune System”
by Mary Tocco.