by Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall

“It is interesting to note that a highly successful American banker writes a full exposure about domestic and international banking failures and highly questionable/unlawful activities, corruption and malfeasance in public office, espionage and continuing massive economic and sinister plots with on-going financial programmes against The American Populace, and the American Rule of Law. Swan’s Neck is stark realism exposed in written form that once again brings to the forefront — interesting memories of the past, and the sad and regrettable continuance ‘by others’ to destroy Our Great Nation”…” — Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta

“Ms. Barnewall has used her knowledge of banking in writing this book to alert readers of what may happen — or is currently happening in banking and finance. I consider this a MUST read docu-fiction; it has it all.” — Gil Jungert

“Bank runs, financial institution failures, and the collapse of the dollar tell us that something is desperately wrong with our financial system. If you want to know what that “something” is… you’ll find out by reading Swan’s Neck, a story that is quite enjoyable.” — Jim Chesnutt

“This story is spellbinding as it weaves its way through webs of a newly-learned faith in God and the grace of forgiveness it offers. Swan’s Neck carries readers through a plot of international
intrigue, truth, and love.” — Robert King

Swan’s Neck is a mélange of skillfully woven story lines… from sinister conspiratorial manipulations by nations, to even more intriguing covert international banking strategies. The objective: Establish a one-world (Socialist/Communist) government. Barnewall navigates all of these twists and turns with a rare finesse.” — Robert L. Bidwell

“We reviewed Swans Neck at book club this past Monday and I must
say the girls were without exception fascinated with the book.
We wondered how close we are to becoming a third world nation… I can’t
explain how enthusiastic the group was. We all loved it. Hitting the
nail on the head as Barnewall did is even more of a reason to read this
book! She knows of what she speaks!” — Margery Boyle, Brickyard Book Club

Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Xulon Press (July 18, 2008)
Size: 8.9″x6″